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Appraisal Management Software


On Integrated Appraisal & Vendor Management Systems

Developed by a field appraiser to achieve "Best in Class" status. The AppraisalFlo application is simply an order of magnitude superior to what has become before. 

Appraisal Management Software

Introducing the most advanced appraisal management platform ever developed. 


Residential or commercial  panel management.  Seamlessly manage vendor relationships with unprecedented precision. Vendor registration, ASC | HUD eligibility, forum style communication, scoring, document management and more. There is just not enough space in this little box.   


The compliance paradigm has shifted and in today's lending environment there is no margin for error. Deploy “Best in Class” technology with confidence that your data and workflow are in full compliance.  


Create consistency in the review process throughout your organization regardless of size. Combine our customizable automated review platform with human assisted, 

technical review technology for the most advanced, fully integrated, review platform available.  


Access direct integration on multiple levels from UDCP and backend accounting to the standard Loan Origination Systems.  Custom data mining solutions are built right in.


Utilize the AppraisalFlo proprietary VScore technology to accurately assess and score the quality of  panel. From objective subjective and objective quality metrics, to turn times, you can customize your own scoring system to reflect what is important to you. 


Comprehensive customization is evident throughout the platform. Designed specifically to accommodate the various business models that have a need unique to their organizations. And if it is not there yet, all you have to do ask. 

The Superior Appraisal Management Solution

We started from scratch without the limitations of other platforms that are built on dated technology or generic platforms. That means no hidden monthly user fees or monthly minimums. The result is a best-in-class software application that is intuitive and affordable. Designed by the ultimate user, a field appraiser with over 20 years of experience, AppraisalFlo realizes the absolute potential of modern technology.  


The development of the AppraisalFlo application is based on decades of appraisal experience in conjunction with trial and error. One of the most important lessons we learned from the process is what not to do. So we started from scratch incorporating the most sophisticated technology available. Never static and always evolving, we have placed specific emphasis on intuitive design, aesthetics and functionality. The result is a robust, attractive and comprehensive set of software tools designed specifically to manage the appraisal process. Whether you are looking to simplify your IT landscape, retire older inefficient systems, meet longterm data management or facilitate communication between clients and vendors, AppraisalFlo offers a superior, compliant solution for your appraisal workflow systems.




When 'adequate' technology is no longer acceptable...

Appraisal Management Software

What is important to us?


To design and develop the best appraisal management technology available. 

To service our clients with the highest degree of professionalim and ethics.

To continue to evolve as the industry changes. 

Its simple really....

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