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Sometimes Outsourcing Is A Good Thing...

The AppraisalFlo server farms are located within advanced 2 seperate best-in-class SOC 1 (SSAE 16) examined data center facilities in Atlanta, Georgia and Phoenix, Arizona, respectively. The "primary" infrastructure is located in the Atlanta location and is within walking distance of the downtown Atlanta Telx POP making the primary facility one of the most bandwidth rich spots in the entire country. Our datacenter facilities were selected carefully with compliance and data security protocols given the highest priority. This commitment to excellence enables AppraisalFlo to deliver 24-hour service 365 days a year.


Data Centers

The AppraisalFlo network consists of 2 identical, redundant "Infrastructures" configured in an "east coast - west coast" configuration to ensure business continuity in the event that one facility is rendered inoperable by a disaster-level event. Each infrastructure essentially mirrors the other with one designated as the “Primary Infrastructure” and the other as the “Secondary Infrastructure."  Not satisfied to outsource the task of co-location, AppraisalFlo features a fulltime SPECALIST to ensure maximum security and reliability for high-capacity data transfer and storage. Each infrastructure features dual, raid 5 configured application servers backed up daily to a 48 terabyte backup server and protected by a dedicated firewall to ensure data security and redundancy.  


Data Center Information

  • UPS: 300 kVA of battery backup capacity

  • Generatort: 350kW of generator capacity

  • Cooling: 94 Tons of AC capacity

  • PowerFeed: 1200A 480V divers power feed

  • Double Pre-action-dry-pipe Fire Supression System

  • 96 strand fiber to Zayo

  • Carriers with on site POPs: Zayo, GTT/nLayer, Atrato, Cogent

  • Fully redundant, fault tolerant network gear

  • Internap FCP to control and route traffic

  • Open peering with the entire Atlanta TIE network

Bandwidth Providers

  • Inteliquent

  • TelX

  • nLayer

  • GTT

  • Cogent

  • Zayo

  • Atrato


Physical Security

Virtual Security

The AppraisalFlo data centers use a comprehensive array of security equipment, techniques and procedures to prevent unauthorized access to our facilities. AppraisalFlo servers are located in private, restricted cages secured by access control systems. To protect the integrity of our systems, most of the security controls within our data centers are confidential. Some of the more visible measures in our data centers include:


  • Security officers on site 24/7

  • Security badge access

  • Digital security video surveillance

  • Private, restricted cage access

  • Built to withstand natural disasters


All AppraisalFlo data centers are built to withstand natural disasters effectively including fires, floods and earthquakes. In addition, power is delivered to our data centers via distributed redundant UPS systems, backup batteries and independent diesel generators to minimize the potential for power outages to cause service interruptions.

Pursuant to the sometimes overwhelming regulatory environment, all data handled by the Floserve Platform is considered to be confidential and is subjected the highest levels of security.


  • Storage Encryption is enabled

  • Floserve servers are encrypted with 128bit SSL V3/TLS technology.

  • The entire Floserve environment is tested for security vulnerabilities via network and application level scans daily

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