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Dear Appraiser, 

Welcome to our site. We are delighted that you are joining our team at Midwest Appraisal Management. Please note that this registration wizard will allow you to submit your entire application and associated documentation on-line via our ESignature technology. 

Before you get started please make sure to read the information below and have the information listed readily accessible: 

1. Minimum Requirements

  • Each Appraiser in the firm needs to be approved.

  • Must be Licensed or Certified (No trainees/Registered appraisers).

  • Must be Certified General for commercial assignments.

  • Minimum of 3 years experience.

  • E&O Insurance is required with $500,000 (residential) $1,000,000 (commercial) recommended.

2. All appraisers in your firm that will be doing work for us must provide their license and E&O. 

3. Required Documents to be delivered to Midwest Appraisal Management:

  • Completed and signed Application

  • Signed Service Level Agreement

  • A copy of your current license in each state

  • A copy of E&O Insurance

  • A copy of your Resume

  • Completed and signed W9 delivered as directed for your security

  • Completed and signed ACH Authorization Form delivered as directed for your security

We appreciate your participation in our appraiser panel. Feel free to contact us with any questions. 


Vendor Management Team 
Midwest Appraisal Management 


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