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Developed by a field appraiser to achieve "Best in Class" status, the AppraisalFlo application for appraisal management is simply an order of magnitude superior to what has become before.  The AppraisalFlo platform is built on a rock solid Linux OS with a heavy emphasis on open source technologies including PHP, jQuery, AJAX and MySQL. Open Source technologies allow for a superior, custom-built foundation at a fraction of the cost. The development process started by identifying the most common problems associated with managing the appraisal process.  As it turns out, we can solve most of those problems programmatically with a well thought out and intuitively designed software application.  This is how we have done it.                                   

The ability for comprehensive customization is evident throughout the platform. Designed specifically to accomodate the various business models that have a need to manage the appraisal process, some of the more notable customizable features include:  


  • Reporting Robust reporting platform that allows for automated report creation and periodic emailing

  • Documentation:  Customizable document creation can be automated, emailed and attached to the assignment record by specific "triggers" set by the client

  • Communication: Customizable, automated email notifications

  • Vendor Review: Comprehensive, customizable vendor review module with automated review engine and condition "builder" for delivery to the vendor

  • Vendor Scoring:  Comprehensive "Vendor Scoring" via our patent-pending VScore technology allows for a detailed assessment of vendors based on client's specific preferences 


                                                 is just a fancy term for "Easy to Use."  How do you manage your appraisal workflow in the most efficient way possible? The answer is to make it easy.  To that end, we have developed a process-driven application that keeps the learning curve to a minimum.  This allows for our clients to deploybest-in-class technology without the customary drag on productivity during rollout.  



H                           How do you select a software that best suits the specific needs of your organization?   By choosing a platform that allows for true customization right off the shelf.  The AppraisalFlo application was specifically designed to allow our clients to do their own customization by way of a sophisticated, yet easy to use control panel and backend interface.   It is not only our software that offers extensibility. A generous allotment of custom programming is available to every client each calendar year.

The communication platform is one of the most advanced features of the AppraisalFlo application. Given the "firewall" that must exist between client and vendor, effective communication sometimes can be cumbersome and tricky. 


  • Forum format : Records all communications, changes, emails and documents associated with an assignment

  • Communication Firewall: Conditional approval of all communications by staff before vendor | client viewability 

  • Forwarding: Communication forwarding to all users

  • Communication Confirmation: Interactive emails confirm receipt of secure documents' transmission

  • Assignment Log: Time and date stamped for a complete history of the assignment

  • Filter: Filter out specific communications to track easily what is important to individual users


One of the cornerstones of efficiencies in software development. Our "integration upon demand policy" ensures that we're listening to our clients.  All they need to do is ask.  


  • LOS Integration:  Directly integrated with the major LOS's Encompass 360 and Calyx. RealEC pending 

  • UDCP:  Submit appraisals directly to the UCDP

  • Accounting: Supports integration via CVS Export

  • Merchant Account:  Direct integration for credit card processing

  • Corelogic Integration: Access flood, valuation & collateral risk products 

  • Data Mining Integration:  Harness the power of your data by aggregating it in a useful and meaningful manner

The AppraisalFlo development method is driven by the need to realize efficiencies through programming.  Automation of basic tasks allows our clients to do more with less.  


  • Vendor Registration: Wizard-driven vendor registration page

  • Vendor Eligibility: Checks vendors against the ASC and HUD eligibility nightly

  • Emails: Automated interactive emails to vendors, clients, and borrowers to confirm receipt 

  • Invoicing: Automated vendor and client invoicing

  • Document Creation: Automated document creation allows for an infinite number of document scenarios based on customization preferences

  • Reporting: Automated reporting can be emailed periodically to any user within the system based on customization preferences 

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